Online GuestHouse Reservation Help



There are four options on this Page.

  1. Reserve Accommodation
  2. Check Status
  3. Contact Guest House
  4. Guest Book

  Reserve Accommodation:

From thisonecan send the request to the Administrator to book the room by clicking on the link Online Booking. When user clicks on the link the following Screen will appear.

Users have to fill the form in the format given in the form. After fill up the form when user will send this form he/she will get the AccessID. Through which he/she can check the status of Booking.


  Check Status:

From this user can check the status of Booking by entering the AccessID in the text box which has given to him/her at the time of sending the request to the Administrator, then click on the 'Submit' button, he/she will get the status whether his/her room has been booked or not, if booked it will give you your Bedno and another details about your booking .if not booked it will give you the message that your room booking is still pending or room is not Available .

Contact Guest House:

From this user can contact to the guesthouse Administrator personally through the Phone no. Given on the page and also can send the Email to the given Address by clicking on the link.


Guest Book:

From this user can give suggestions or comments regarding their stay in the guesthouse or any other feedback about the site